7mm Orion MegaView Ultra-Wide Eyepiece

Best 7mm Orion MegaView Ultra-Wide Eyepiece

  • This 1.25″ 7mm MegaView eyepiece boasts a 18.5mm ocular lens diameter and 12mm eye relief
  • Offers a whopping 82 degrees apparent field of view for larger shots of land and sky
  • Optics are fully multi-coated for optimum light transmission and image clarity
  • Enjoy larger detailed views of planetary and deep-sky objects, as well as terrestrial subjects
  • Threaded for use with 1.25″ eyepiece filters

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At first glance, you’ll immediately realize that Orion’s MegaViews are no ordinary eyepieces. As the name implies, these deluxe wide-field oculars yield a whopping 82-degree apparent field of view. In fact, MegaViews boast the largest field of view ever offered with the Orion name! MegaView eyepieces are a welcome addition to any avid astronomer’s collection. Not only do they provide an ultra-wide 82-degree apparent field of view, they also let you enjoy that view through a considerably larger window. So rather than peering through a peephole at an ocean-like sky, you’ll feel as though you’re gazing through a large window with nothing to impede your observation! MegaView eyepieces represent a high-quality, yet relatively affordable solution for pristine wide-field views of land or night-sky. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or expert, geek or nature-lover, you’ll experience vastly improved views of the Moon, planets, deep sky objects at night, while admiring details of the Sun, birds, and other terrestrial subjects during the day. Each eyepiece in the MegaView line features fully mulit-coated optics to deliver crisp, clear and contrasty images. The 1.25″ 7mm eyepiece provides comfortable 12mm eye-relief. The excellent performance of these deluxe wide-field eyepieces is punctuated by their high-quality professional design and appearance: gloss-black machined aluminum construction, and rubber-knurled grip rings. All MegaView eyepieces are threaded for use with Orion filters and feature silky-smooth twist-up rubber eyeguards for viewing comfort. Dust caps are included.

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7mm Orion MegaView Ultra-Wide Eyepiece